" You were born with potential.
You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness.
You were born with wings.
You are not meant for crawling, so don't.
You have wings.
Learn to use them and fly." 


Anne-Marie Sterr
I am a night owl and late riser. Capoeirista. Daydreamer. Tree hugger and animal lover. Creative, sensitive and spiritual. Deeply thinking and even more deeply feeling. Introverted and proud of it. I only follow rules if they make sense. I combine opposites. I love animals and eat them anyway, travel a lot and like to stay at home, I speak five languages and talk little. But I write a lot and listen carefully.

I show people how to transmute pain into strength, heal soul injuries and make peace with themselves.

My Story

I was born in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1983. 20 years later I wanted to explore the world. So I did an internship in Mexico City and Sao Paulo, in an office building without any windows. There I got to know Capoeira and was immediately enchanted by the former liberation fight of the slaves.

Back in Germany I decided to get a degree in something that had always been my talent – foreign languages. After the B.A. In "International Communication and Translation" in Hildesheim, Germany, I studied what has always been my passion – spirituality, and questions about the meaning of life and death. During my M.A. in "Religion and Culture" in Berlin I went to South Africa, where a semester abroad quickly turned into seven years. 

In Cape Town I worked as a project manager, translator and SEO content writer, and eventually marketing manager. There were plenty of windows in the office building, but my view reached only as far as my computer screen.

I felt like a bird in a cage, but I was too scared to just spread my wings and fly. 

In 2017, after some minor and major blows, I quit my job, gave away my stuff, grabbed a backpack and left. My only plan was freedom. I travelled for 13 months through 10 countries while confronting my deepest fears, healing grief and past trauma and mending the broken pieces of my soul. Somewhere between Mozambique and Mexico I finally found the long-awaited freedom, deep inside myself.

I then wrote a book about my spiritual journey, which I will publish in 2021 in German. Eventually, it will be translated to English, too.

As a life coach, I personally guide people and support them in times of change and transformation. I help them to turn fears and doubts into trust and strength.

I also work location-independently as a freelance writer, editor, translator and interpreter.

If I'm not in my home in southern Germany, you will probably find me in Peru, Brazil or Mexico.

My greatest passion is Capoeira. And I'm all about spirituality, psychology and personal development. I'm a feeling person - sensitive, profound and creative.

My Philosophy

As a life philosophy, capoeira has a great influence on my perception, way of thinking and acting. Capoeira taught me to get up again, no matter how hard I fall, to sharpen my senses and trust my instincts, to take on different perspectives, to be flexible and change my posture, and to find a way out in every tricky situation.

My philosophy is also shaped by people whom I have never met personally but to whom I have always felt close through their messages and teachings, such as Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Teal Swan and Martha Beck.

Ultimately, I also count on the support of my "helpers on the other side", such as my late father and my shamanic power animal.

I'm not religious and I do not adhere to any religious institution. I believe in a supreme power that some call God or universe, source or spirit. It is that for which there is no name. This is the origin of all spiritual traditions. In my spirituality, I combine elements of Buddhism and Christianity as well as natural religions. I do not believe blindly, but always check through my own experience what I adopt as my personal truth.

My Qualifications

I guide my clients with my sensitivity, intuition and personal experience. I have no official certifications and awards that confirm my competence.

I did not get a title for the tests that life put me through. My greatest achievements are the results of my work on my awareness and personal development.

If there were certificates for this, they would read something like this:

  • Emotional Trauma (CPTSD) - survived and passed. Deep emotional injuries healed and transformed into wisdom.
  • Anxiety and depression - admitted to the exam and passed successfully.
  • Heartbreak and heartache - module completed and passed with divorce certificate.
  • Loss of a loved one - Lessons learned: Grief experienced and healed. Understood that life is eternal and death is another step in personal transformation.
  • Dependency and addiction - seminars successfully completed and passed with distinction.
  • Leap into the unknown - jumped and landed safely.

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