Does Privacy Matter?

Please follow this link and after watching the video, let me know if you think your privacy matters!
“If there is not right to privacy, there can be no true freedom of expression and opinion, and therefore no effective democracy” – Ms. Dilma Roussef

This is a very insightful talk on the United States surveillance program. Everyone should have a look at this. If you think it doesn’t matter, you haven’t thought it over enough. They have access to all internet traffic through the United States. They are using this power to spy on members of the EU and other first world nations. Can they really say they are hunting “terrorists?” Who are they to consider themselves the ruler of the world?

Think about this: originally when xbox announced the details of their new system, it was said that the camera was built into the system and the camera had to be activated for the system to turn on. Meaning for you to play a game, there had to be a camera watching you. I’m not saying that this is part of the US Intelligence program but what if it is? Are they so bold as to think they could get away with it? Whats next, they have access to tap into our webcam feeds as well, conveniently located on every laptop made today? How far do they have to go to make you uncomfortable with the notion of blanket surveillance?

Please post your comments because I am very interested to see what you think. Also share this around to get even more perspectives. Thanks!

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