Side Banner The term Break Your Cage stands for the symbolic release from the confides we build around ourselves. Through this blog, I am not only trying to provide the inspiration you need to “Break” free from your restrains but more importantly, provide useful information and reviews on everywhere I have been in the world.

What started as having a single author, I am pleased to announce that shortly Break Your Cage will have multiple authors, so as to expand on the travel reviews. This blog is written for backpackers by backpackers. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please provide feedback and together we can build a complete Backpackers Guide.

My Travel Addiction:

If I stay on the same tracks for more then three or four days, then it’s been a good week. I am such an addict of travelling that I cease to care, in what reaches of the world, I will find my next fix. I long to explore, learn and experience, at the same time compelled to both snowboard and scuba dive. Both these visions and plans are capable of changing multiple times throughout the day and they quickly become mentally fatiguing. It’s time I slowed down and attempted to appreciate the current moment. For example, the coffee in front of me is the best I have had in weeks, while the clear blue sky is siloetted by the distant mountains, standing ever so majestically stunning. In itself, I do not feel as if life could get better. I am both comfortable and yet unsatisfied, making for a volatile mix. I’m not sure very many individuals will ever understand my wanderlust.It would seam only fellow backpackers will ever comprehend these travelling urges.


I may occasionally post about important global issues that I am passionate about, so if this offends you and you would rather life under a rock, then please find reading material elsewhere.

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  1. Thanks for liking one of my posts! I love your addiction and look forward to seeing all the places you go and have already been. Oh and I am glad you are writing about the truth of where we need to evolve in order to survive!

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